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High Wind develops new installation techniques to install offshore wind turbines at higher wind speeds


Savings on installation costs

Increase up-time

Simplify planning, increase up-time

Reduce risk

Reduce financing risk

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Boom Lock

The Boom Lock is a smart tool that allows an offshore crane to install wind turbine components at high wind speeds. This leads to a significant decrease of the weather downtime and results in a full year working possibility.

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Optimizing the weakest link

The installation of offshore wind farms becomes more difficult than ever. There is a strong paradox tangible during the installation:

  • Offshore wind turbines need to be installed at locations with ‘high wind’ speeds.
  • Good weather conditions are required while installing the wind turbines.
  • The high wind speeds that are prevalent at ideal locations for offshore wind farms often double and sometimes triple normal timeframes required for installation.
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