High Wind strengthens organisation as new Head of Business Development joins the team

High Wind NV is pleased to announce that Ole Jacob Wang Nielsen has joined the company as Head of Business Development. Ole Jacob will continue the commercialisation of the Boom Lock© which allows for safe installation of wind turbine components in higher wind speeds.

Ole Jacob has worked in the maritime industry since 2001 and brings with him 8 years of offshore wind experience from jack-up vessel operators DBB Jack-Up and A2SEA. “I am very excited to join the High Wind team and continue my passion for renewables and innovative solutions which can help optimize installation and maintenance of offshore wind turbines.” explains Ole Jacob.

“We have seen impressive development in new and more capable vessels, smarter foundations and more efficient turbines but not much has been done on the actual lifting operations. The Boom Lock system takes on the challenges of the weakest link in the offshore wind chain – that of reducing waiting on weather due to high wind speeds.”

The first Boom Lock© was completed in January 2015 and undertook extensive testing at the REBO site in the port of Ostend. Here it outperformed the design specification by keeping a 6MW-turbine blade steady in wind gusts of up to 20 m/s. Since then, the Book Lock system has completed its first offshore installation project, supporting the installation of 15 x MHI Vestas V112 3.3MW wind turbines at Vattenfall’s Kentish Flats Extension.

For more information please contact Ole Jacob W. Nielsen, Head of Business Development, High Wind (mobile: +45 3057 1377, e-mail: nielsen.jacob.ole@high-wind.eu)

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